3 Things to Check Before Renting A Car

3 Things to Check Before Renting A Car

Renting a car for a vacation or even day to day works just makes sense. It saves you money on taxi rides and time that one wastes while being reliant on the schedule of public transportation. Some knowledge of the daunting process of renting a car helps in going through it easily.

Here are some valuable things about renting a car.

Use a credit card
Make sure you use a credit card for renting a car. As in a debit card, an authorization amount is charged, and an additional incremental hold as well. Rental car companies will check your credit score when you pay using a debit card to ensure you pay all the charges. Even though the policies have changed, most of the larger rental companies still consider it. If you’re renting a car using a debit card, check online their policy to know if they hold on funds.

Kids cost to drive rental cars
Even if your 23-year-old daughter has a spotless driving record, car rental companies charge somewhat more for them as they see them as a possible liability to their goods. They’ll likely charge an additional fee if you’re under 25. If you’re traveling with someone under 25, then you don’t need to worry about the extra fee.
Keep drivers to a minimum
Whether you’re going on a family vacation or with some friends, keep the number of drivers less. Every additional driver has to pay a daily fee, whether they drive or not during the rental period. Sometimes, rental companies waive the fee for corporate rentals, but you should double-check to see their policy.

However, every company charges a daily rate for the convenience, whether you use the rental car each day or not. Take the fee into consideration while taking Rentex Car Rental.

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