Should You Buy Collision Damage Waiver For Your Rental Vehicle?

Should You Buy Collision Damage Waiver For Your Rental Vehicle?

When renting a vehicle for the first time, sometimes it really gets confusing. Most of you probably don’t know about CDW or additional insurances. And whether you should buy them or not? At the rental car counter, most of the people struggle with these questions. Well, read on to find whether you need these insurances or not.

Most of the companies that provide car rental in Brampton uses one term known as Collision Damage Waiver (a.k.a. CDW). This isn’t exactly insurance. It means if you are involved in an accident, having CDW will cover the damage to the rental car. It doesn’t include personal injury. In this situation, the rental company will waive off the damage charges caused by any accident. So, the question arises whether you should buy it or not? Most of the people buy it though they don’t even need it.

You can avoid doing this costly mistake by checking the following things:

  1. It would be advisable to check what coverage your own car insurance policy carries over luxury car rentals in Brampton.
  2. Most credit card companies also include coverage for renting. 
  3.  Lastly, go through the various options that your car rental company offers. Make sure you read their policies carefully.

Most companies that provide car insurance policies also include collision damages to car rental in Brampton. So, there is no point in buying the same thing again and wasting your money. But if your policy doesn’t cover any such damages then you should go for CDW to avoid additional charges.

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