5 Things Not To Do In Your Rental Vehicle – Rentex Car Rental Brampton

5 Things Not To Do In Your Rental Vehicle – Rentex Car Rental Brampton

When you book a car rental in Brampton, there are some things which you should never do in your rented vehicle otherwise, you could end up paying more. 

Smoke: You should never smoke in your rental car. Many of the rental car companies have stated in their terms and conditions, a complete ban on smoking when renting their car. So, don’t even think about smoking inside their vehicle and let yourself in trouble.

No Pets Allowed: Cheap car rental in Brampton has laid down certain conditions in their agreement that you can not carry your pets in their rental vehicle. Make sure you read everything carefully.

Never Ever Use It As A Getaway Vehicle: Though it may sound silly, but if are thinking about using your rented vehicle as a getaway car for criminal activities, then drop the idea immediately. There is no way you can book or use the rented vehicle anonymously. 

Snacking: If you are a tidy person who can eat without getting the vehicle dirty or clean it afterward before returning it, then there is no problem. Make sure you don’t leave any food particles or wrappers on the floor, car seats or anywhere else in the vehicle.

Avoid Using It For Learner Drivers: Considering booking a car rental in Brampton for a learner driver? Don’t even think about letting the learner driver drive the car as there is no insurance coverage for them.