Tips For Driving An Automatic Rental Car

Tips For Driving An Automatic Rental Car

Customers have different preferences for the gearbox when renting a car. People who own automatic cars choose to rent the same type of vehicle. They usually avoid cars with manual transmission. If you decide to drive car rentals Brampton in the urban area, cars with automatic transmission would be ideal choice. Below are few tips on how to take full advantage of rental cars with automatic transmission.

Make sure you understand what each letter of automatic car gear means.

  • R: R stands for Reverse that allows you to reverse your car. Reverse lights will automatically turn on and it would be wise if you switch on the emergency lights too. Before you can switch to the reverse mode, your car should completely stop first.
  • P: This is used for parking. When the car is on P, it can not move into any direction. It is advisable to make use of the handbrakes while parking.
  • N: N represents that the position of the car in neutral mode. It means it is in idle state. If you are going to drive in a downward position, you should not use the N mode.
  • D: D denotes drive mode. 
  • M: This is for manually controlling the gear. This option can be used in case of overtaking another vehicle. 

It is important to realize that manual transmission and automatic transmission are not alike. Ways of starting or driving them are different. Luxury car rentals Brampton gives you a wide variety of options to suit your driving needs.

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